The outdoor surfaces around your property are constantly exposed to natural elements. With time, general dust and grime will inevitably find their way to them and settle down. So, here are a few scenarios in which you’ll find jet washing useful:

* Decking & Patio cleaning
* Balcony cleaning
* Driveway & Pavement cleaning
* Fence & Garden furniture washing
* Also great for Walls

A Brettish technician will require access to running water. An external tap would be perfect, but in case there isn’t any available, he’d need to use one from inside the house/building. Once the pressure washing machine is set, he will begin the cleaning procedure.

The machine ejects a powerful stream of water that can easily dislodge accumulated grime, dirt, and even some types of stains. The pressurized water alone gets the job done.

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Our Working Areas:-

Buckinghamshire: Milton Keynes, Buckingham, Aylesbury

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Hertfordshire: Watford, Berkamstead, Hemel Hempstead, Harpenden, Tring


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